Susan Shemansky

Why insurance companies do not recognize massage therapy as a means of medical necessity – whereby the massage sessions I experienced recently with Kiena have helped me to deal with stress more effectively , alleviate pain in my chest and neck and feel ohhh so much better overall. I have been to a number of massage therapists. But no one is like Kiena. The total experience- from the quiet serene setting – the background spa music playing harmoniously with the soothing sound of ocean waves- perfect balance of essential oils permeating – and everything is sooo very clean. Kiena is talented and gifted . A massage with Kiene is very therapeutic and very special. There is no waiting – she takes her clients right on time . I hope this post helps someone that otherwise might have been unsure as to whether a massage could really be beneficial in more ways than 1
I myself was very ignorant. I did not know the many benefits (health) until I met Kiena .


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