Thea Jeffers

Leading two businesses and household, I am almost always busy. I have rare moments of true relaxation. I attended one of Keina’s eight week courses on meditation thinking there is no way I can calm my mind down long enough to do this, but I will try for my health.  After my forth class,, I learned how to settle my mind down, and to focus on what’s important. I began to learn to be in the moment.  I began to see improvement in my breathing and awareness. I now know how to better deal with my daily stresses, how I approach, and how I think of things.  Keina has encouraged me to continue learning the techniques of meditation and has laid down the ground work for me to follow. I look forward to the next class.
I will continue to speak highly of Keina’s services because they have made a definite impact in helping me to re-claim moments of calm in my busy life. I am more focused on my family and businesses. Thank you, Meditation Lady!

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